The Symbols

The Symbols are bursting through the seams of Fort Collins, Colorado with an undeniable amount of raw talent and energy, combined with a knack for writing great song after great song. Founded in 2011 by vocalist/bass-player front-lady Mer Sal and twice Grammy nominated guitar virtuoso Jasco (Blinddog Smokin', Mojambus, The Shamans), this band also packs a mean punch with touring veteran drummer Don Stahl (Joey Dee and the Starliters, Damon Fowler). Get out and experience their soul – and hear the colorful voice of their music.

The Symbols write, record, and perform songs that have inspired movie soundtracks, public service announcements, and commercial advertisements. Although many of the band's songs are formatted to be radio hits, The Symbols' breed of rock is intellectual and spiritual, similar to modern day Jeff Beck, with modern day deep-pocket grooves, and progressive female croon-meets-funking/neo-soul vocals that could be recommended if you like Amy Winehouse meets Jamiroquai's vocalist Jay Kay. The sound is rollicking, rocking and danceable, yet at the same time chill and zen. The crooning, jazzing vocals and guitar string-bending/whammy bar manipulations are undeniably sexy. All of this being said, fans of The Symbols have come to agree that the sound created by this band is undoubtedly what “Spiritual Porn Rock” must sound like.

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The Symbols' new album SYMBOLIZED is now out!!! As a reward to those who show up for live music, it is only available for purchase in person at our shows! To find a show near you, check our website events calendar.  Once again, thank you for your support!

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